Apply for FTK Executive Board!

Do you want to do more for the children at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and make GT For the Kids and Dance Marathon better than they’ve ever been before? If so, apply here to become part of our FTK Executive Board. There are twelve different positions with different skill sets, so we’re sure you’ll be able to find one that fits you!


Fundraise for Dance Marathon!

Hey Dancers, we’re only three days away from the big day!   Its time to hit your fundraising goals and make a difference for the kids!  Here are some tips that can help you fundraise:

1) Get the word out:
A lot of your family and friends may not know that you are part of this amazing organization. So the best way to start is to tell them!! Send emails and personalized letters to friends, family, teachers, old coaches etc. Another great tool is to use social media connect with all these individuals.
2) Make it Personal:
Ask yourself “Why am I raising money for CMN?” and “Why am I part of this movement?”
Iterate that to your family and friends- they will want to help you if they know you’re serious and passionate.

3) Increase your goal!
If you go into your donor drive, you can manually change your goal amount. People want to help you achieve something.They are less willing to help you reach a goal if you’ve already reached it, so once you get closer to your amount on donor drive- consider moving the number up even more!

4) Take advantage of the campus by canning!!!
We have a number of sporting events around campus this semester

5) Do you like attention?

If so, then tell everyone you’ll do something crazy to get donations!!! For example… Wear a dress to Dance Marathon (If you’re a guy) or shave your head.

6) Keep up with the people that help you.

Send Thank you letters to everyone who has helped you reach your goal

7) Offer to do something in exchange for a donation!

Get excited, and happy dancing!

Sign Up for the Sigma Chi & FTK Pie-athalon!

Sigma Chi & FTK Pie-athalon is the 1st annual fun run For the Kids!  Have you every wondered whether you could run on a full stomach of pie?  Well, wonder no more.  On the morning of November 24th, the whistle will blow and you can race to be crowned as the first Pie-athalon champion!  Or you and three friends can sign up to take on the challenge.  What do you have to do exactly..?  Run.  Eat.  Run.  And that is it!  Sign up now by clicking here or visiting the “Get Involved” Tab.


2013-2014 Executive Board Announced

We are excited to announce our 2013-2014 Executive Board! They’re a fantastic group and are going to great things FTK and for DM 2014!

Executive Director: Drew Keller
Business Relations: Shahmeer Mirza
Community Development: Lishan Mu
Operations and Entertainment: Hope Skalak
Special Events: Kirsten Egan
Media Chair: Erin Sapp
PR & Communications: Shahzar Mirza
Dancer Relations: David Rojo and Elle Wilten
Family Relations: Keely Jones
Finance: Ty Harmon